dandelion on the spectrum

Welcome to the treasure trove of my autistic musings, ideas, opinions and experiences


  • I love fantasy
    I love fantasy. And science fiction. Lord of the Rings is playing at my place at least once every two months, (extended edition of course). I run around with my TARDIS bag and I am ready to discuss, to the smallest details, the difference of comics and their screen adaptations (let’s just say I have„I love fantasy“ weiterlesen
  • Am I disabled?
    The good old imposter syndrome… Am I really disabled? Or am I only pretending because I want attention? Maybe I really am just as lazy as people tell me. Thoughts such as these plague me on the regular, and that even though I consider myself disabled. At least on my good days, when I’m not„Am I disabled?“ weiterlesen
  • Why I am starting this blog
    As it is with most students, I too arrived at the end of my studies and the consequent writing of the Bachelor thesis. While I usually did quite well with academic writing I wanted to choose a topic that is dear to me, or in the very least amuses me. In the end I could„Why I am starting this blog“ weiterlesen